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If the sales leader has the discipline to keep the training topic-focused, all of this can be accomplished well within an hour training meeting. Some sales leaders attempt to run training in 30-minutes or less. Depending upon the topic, this can work, but too often, vital components are skipped, like failing to get salesperson Pain out on the table, or recapping with lessons learned at the end of the meeting.

You might be surprised that salespeople will tell you that the lessons learned portion is often their favorite. They learn from each other in that segment and also internally reinforce new beliefs and “light bulb” moments.

Try, Need to and Can’t. These are three words that any sales coach worth their salt will not allow to pass during a coaching conversation without probing. Why? Because these words are almost always code for a salesperson doing what salespeople do best, influencing their manager’s and coach’s to let them slide.

As a sales leader, there’s a simple way to help the salesperson check their beliefs when they are potentially getting in the way (head trash). When Ben said there could be negative consequences from using the technique that Terri suggested, she could have asked Ben the following question, in a nurturing manner.