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How Prospecting is Like The School Bully

As we head into fall the kids are solidly back in their school routine. After-school activities are back on the calendar, homework schedules are in place, and households are settled in for the next year of school. It got me to thinking about one thing our kids may worry about and how their feelings are very similar to the salesperson’s feelings about prospecting. The school bully. Don’t think so? Keep reading to see why. 

You experience the same feeling of dread.

Do you ever wake up in the morning and fear what lies ahead? That same fear that the school bully causes in us can shake us to our core when it comes to prospecting. I’ve heard some clients refer to it with the same tone of voice reserved for public speaking and dentist appointments.

It looks scarier than it actually is.

Just like that bully that looked so intimidating back in school, prospecting can look daunting. But we can cut that “bully” down to size with some simple steps

 • Make prospecting a daily habit. Having it as part of your daily routine makes sure that we are always feeding that sales funnel and we aren’t forced to prospect for long stretches just because our calendar is empty.

• Create a prospecting plan. Use your conversion ratios to develop a prospecting plan that breaks down the number of prospects you need to reach on a daily and weekly basis.

When you stand up to it you feel better.

It’s funny how much better we feel when we stand up to our fears and do the things that we know will lead us to success. Don’t think too much about prospecting… to coin Nike “just do it!” You will feel more productive AND fill your funnel.

Get help!

A good support system is crucial to stand up to any bully. This is true even when your “bully” is prospecting! Your support system can include: • A sales colleague – whoever makes fewer calls before noon buys lunch!

• Family / Friends – set sales goals that everyone can enjoy. A group vacation or special event is a great reward for facing that prospecting bully.

• A sales coach – a coach can help you identify self-limiting beliefs and attitudes that feed that prospecting bully.

If you would like to speak to someone about dealing with your prospecting “bully” contact a Sandler sales coach at 832-696-2356. 

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