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Ted Nininger

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When I decided to try my hand at sales, the company I am working with now decided to put me in a sales training class with Ted. I was not only new to the industry but new to sales in general. I would recommend Ted's Sandler Sales training class to anybody and everybody. Whether you are brand new to sales, or you have worked in sales before, Ted has the knowledge to help you become a better salesperson. The amount of progress I noticed after just a few months in his class was incredible. Ted's classes are very interactive, but what I liked the most is that he is excellent at being able to take the Sandler Sales material and give you examples and suggestions that are personalized for your industry and what you see every day. He really does care about every single person in the class and he wants to see you succeed.

Tyler Webster, Outside Sales Representative at Green's Blue Flame Gas Company.

Thank you for your help in the formation of the Houston team. The training sessions we have had with you have made a deep impact in the daily sales of the team. We have seen the sales techniques improve with each session we share with you. The Area Directors on the team value your experience and your knowledge of sales. When you are having a training session, the attendance at the weekly meetings always spike. The topics are fresh and to the point. Over the months, you have become a member of the Houston team!!! I want to thank you for your help in making the Houston team one of the top teams in the nation.

Agnes M. Publishing

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